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There are many paid survey companies out there that will pay you for your opinions, to review websites, or to try new products.

This website serves to provide you with honest reviews of the most legitimate online paid survey companies on the internet and tips to help you maximize your paid survey earnings.

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[paid surveys 2008/07/15 05:55 ]
These days everyone knows what paid surveys are about - companies need consumers opinions so that they can improve their products or services, or gauge possible consumer response to new products. Therefore they are willing to pay ordinary people for their opinion.

However, it's not quite as easy as that. How does one go about finding these paid surveys? Generally, the easiest way is to join a paid survey site - a database of companies looking for people to fill out surveys. Pay a small one-time membership fee and you can get started pretty much straight away.

But what about all these paid survey scams on the internet? There are a lot of scam sites out there and I've tried many sites, both scam and legitimate. It's important to be vigilant when looking for a site to join. I recently tried out the new survey site Make Money Taking Surveys as I'd heard a few good reviews about it. This article will be discussing my findings and my experience with this site.

First of all you sign up for Make Money Taking Surveys by paying a minimal membership fee. I don't mind paying that as long as I can earn it back within a day or two. They then collect your profile and then you will be able to take surveys that are suitable for you. Make Money Taking Surveys is different to many others in that it pays cash - too many survey sites reward you with prizes, vouchers or entry into draws. These can be okay, but not if earning extra money is your goal.

The amount of money you can earn depends on the amount of time you put in - the number or surveys you fill out and their types. Surveys that take longer will pay more, although shorter surveys can pay quite well too. Most surveys will earn you between $5 and $75 and you could easily earn $100 a day.

You don't need any technical skills or experience to use this survey site and there are no risks involved. Depending on how much you put into this, paid surveys with Make Money Taking Surveys could help contribute towards your financial security and more.

I make $$$ every day with Money Taking Surveys - the first legitimate survey site that I've found.
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[paid surveys 2008/07/15 05:51 ]
Is it really possible to fill surveys online and get paid cash for it? One such website that I encountered online which claimed to be able to help you do this is the Make Money Taking Surveys site. I decided to explore this opportunity further by joining the site, and I will be talking about my overall experience with paid surveys in this article.

1. How Do Money Making Surveys Work?

This business opportunity exists because there are companies who are willing to pay people for their opinions on their products and services. These companies need to find out consumers' likely response to any promotions or products that they may be coming up with, and they will seek out other sites that help them find people to fill surveys.

2. How Do You Starting Earning Cash With Paid Surveys?

When you join a site like Make Money Taking Surveys, they will collect your profile, and then you will be able to take the surveys that are suitable for you. Your survey will then be submitted back to the company. After it has been processed, they will send a check to your mail.

3. How Much Money Can You Earn With Paid Surveys?

The amount of money that can be earned by every person differs, and it depends on the number of surveys filled and their types. A longer survey or one that has more open-ended questions (those that will take more of your time) will usually pay more. However, I have personally filled out some short surveys that pay good money too, so it is unclear exactly how companies value their surveys. It seems to depend more on the company that is offering the surveys. A typical survey should earn you around $5 to $75 each.

4. Conclusion

If you are looking to join a paid survey site, you should always look for real testimonials of people who are already successfully doing it with the site you are going to join. Some of these sites are well known to be scams who give their customers nothing in return for joining them.

Is Make Money Taking Surveys a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this survey site, or Click Here to Join Make Money Taking Surveys!

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[paid surveys 2008/07/15 05:38 ]
How do you get paid cash for surveys online, and is the Make Money Taking Surveys site legitimate? I have personally tried many make money online schemes on the internet, from selling advertisements to affiliate marketing. Most of them require some computer and HTML skills to get started, but one of my income streams today that does not require any prior knowledge is paid surveys.

1. Is It Really Possible To Create an Online Stream with Paid Surveys

There are many thousands of surveys being created every day by companies, and they are seeking people to help them complete. With the power of the internet, survey companies can easily reach the public much more quickly and affordable. This is the reason why it is possible for companies to pay people to take their surveys online, since they no longer need to pay employees to distribute the surveys at shopping malls.

Survey companies have been reported to pay out millions of dollars every year, with over 100s of companies needing people to fill out their surveys every day.

2. How Does Making Money With Surveys Work?

Companies need people to evaluate their products and services, so that they can seek ways to improve or get rid of their flaws. There is no faster ways to do this than with paid surveys. Each survey will usually be targeted at a specific group of people (eg. males only surveys for men products).

3. What Are The Steps To Start Making Money with Surveys Online?

The fastest way is to sign up with a survey site. These are sites have hundreds and thousands of companies that look for people to take their surveys. Making money with surveys is really a numbers, and the more companies that you have access to, the higher the chances that you will receive a good number of surveys every day. If you want to join the survey site that I use to make consistent money with surveys, check out the website link below.

Is Make Money Taking Surveys site a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this survey site, or Click Here to Join Make Money Taking Surveys

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[paid surveys 2008/07/15 05:22 ]
Do you want to learn whether a person can really make money taking surveys online? I am here to tell you that, yes this is certainly a legitimate way to earn money on the internet, as I have experienced receiving paychecks from survey websites myself. What I need to do is to give my honest opinions to the questions asked by the companies, and I get paid because the companies eventually benefit hugely from my opinions.

1. How Much Money Can A Person Taking Surveys Make?

The average survey pays me about $20 each, but I have had surveys paying me up to $50 each before. It entirely depends on the length of the questionnaire and the type of questions asked. If there are more open ended questions instead of 'yes or no' questions, you can expect to get paid more for it.

2. Who Would Want To Pay You To Take Surveys?

There are many big companies with advertising budget who are using paid surveys as a form of market research. Because of the widespread of internet technology today, companies no longer need to send out representatives to conduct surveys in shopping malls. Nowadays, surveys are sent to contacts through email, which eliminates a lot of costs for the company.

3. My Experience with Make Money Taking Surveys Site

Having tried many survey sites, I would say that most sites really give you for what you pay for. My first experiences were with free survey sites, but their compensation was in the form of sweepstakes which I never won any. I then joined a paid survey site and started to receive surveys that paid me every time I completed one of them.

If you plan to get serious with this business, I would highly recommend you to sign up for a new and separate email account for this purpose. When the survey sites start sending you a lot of email, they can get lost quite easily if you receive them straight to your personal email account.

4. Conclusion

Making money with surveys is possible but not an easy business by any means. You still get paid for each survey you do, so your salary depends entirely on the number of surveys you complete. If you treat it like a real business and dedicate time to work it every day, you can start earning a decent income from home easily.

Is Make Money Taking Surveys a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this survey site, or Click Here to Join Make Money Taking Surveys!

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[paid surveys 2008/02/24 08:24 ]

Michael Bowler

Making money online is one of the hardest things to do. Did you know that about 98 percent of newbies trying to make money on the internet fail. They lose hundreds of dollars every day. There are very few legit ways to earn a living online. Unless you are an Adwords guru then the odds of you making money online are very slim to none.

Of course there are a few legit ways to make money online. All of these require al ot of determination and most likely a good deal of luck. Ebay, Adsense, Adwords, MLM, creating your own website, and blog advertising are a lot of good ways to make a living online. The catch is that with each of them there is an extensive amount of learning involved. If you don't have the time or money for all of that learning and you are looking for a full proof, straight forward way to earn money online then you are left with paid surveys.

I'm sure that everyone has heard of paid surveys. You might have even tried them. There are a lot of scams in this field as well. You really have to know what you are looking for. Some companies claim you will make $5-$75 per survey after you have paid your one time registration fee. The truth is it will take a you a lot more time than you can afford to make any kind of decent money from those sites.

However, there are legit paid survey sites out there. Very organized sites that send you real u real surveys that actually earn you real money. I won't go into all of them here but I wanted to let you know about the one paid survey site that I believe is miles above the rest.

Paid Surveys Etc has been rated the top paid surveys site on the internet for a while now. I've never came across anything quite like it. It has thousands of members and is constantly updated.

Why is it one of the better paid survey sites? The members get access to a constantly updated database of thousands of companies that pay cash upon completion. They also show you companies which pay you to test drive new cars, eat at different places and read emails, among other things! What separates Paid Surveys Etc from the rest is their ability to keep their database constantly updated with the best survey offers on the net.

So What's the catch?

Paid Surveys Etc charges a one time fee to all of it's members. The fee isn't much and they are so confident that you'll love the program that they offer a 60 day trial period. This really is a no brainer. If you have been looking for a simple, straight forward way to make some extra money online then you really should check it out.
[paid surveys 2008/02/24 08:17 ]

James Long

Today we will be reviewing, Paid Sureveys Etc. Paid Surveys Etc are a company that offer you a huge range of surveys to fill out, and focus groups to attend in your spare time to earn some extra cash from home.  Let us start by saying there is a lot of skepticism about whether these companies actually live up to their word or not and this puts a lot of people off buying into these opportunities.  From experience a lot of them don't so much lie on their sales pages, but certainly hype their product up to be a lot more than it actually is.  Let's see how this package compares!

So how does it work?

Well, you sign up with the Company (Paid Surveys Etc) in our case, and in your profile area you will fill in some basic information about yourself including your hobbies and interests so the company can get to know a little bit about what kind of person you are.  When an appropriate survey or focus group needs to be completed you will receive an email telling you that you are invited to participate.  In the email they also offer the reward you will be receiving for taking part.

We are now going to tell you some information that they don't.  As we said earlier there is a lot of skepticism over these kind of companies living up to their reputation.  What we will say is that this company is by far the best survey company we have come across yet but just like the rest they do claim you can make a lot more money than in reality.

There certainly is a flood of surveys to keep you busy all day if thats what you would like to do but we found that the average survey rewards (that were sent to us anyway) were between $5 - $15. Not the $20-$45 that they claim.  Each survey on average takes about 10 minutes to do.

Realistically if you give an hour of your time a day to complete 5 surveys with a reward being at $7 lets say, you will be expecting just over $1000 a month.  So this is by no means a business opportunity that can earn you a life changing income but if you have the time and patience to do a few surveys a day, $1000 sounds pretty good!  This really is the perfect chance for all you mums that stay at home to earn some extra money.

As far as a recommendation goes, if you don't want to bother learning all about internet marketing and you haven't got the time or patience to learn a package such as the Average Joe Income Package to bring in the money online.  Then Paid Surveys Etc. is the perfect way to earn some extra money at home straight away, hassle free.  We hope that this Paid Survey Etc. Review has been of some help to you.

[paid surveys 2008/02/24 08:01 ]

Joseph Mills

I was always intrigued by the paid survey industry, but the paid surveys etc scam have always made me kind of gun shy about jumping right in and starting a career as a person who gets paid to fill out surveys online. Every time I would think that I was ready to make the leap and start working from home, I would look into joining a website and find article after article about how unscrupulous the scam sites are and how they're only out to take your money, all without making you a dime. I hemmed and I hawed, until finally I had no choice. With gas prices going through the roof and with the cost of childcare skyrocketing with my third baby, I couldn't afford to work outside of the home anymore. I had to give it a shot.

Like I said, I was very nervous about the paid surveys etc scam that I had seen on the TV and on various websites. I did my homework and took my time in finding the right site to join that would give me the biggest lists of survey leads, so that I could in turn make a lot of money from home. In the end, I decided on Paid Surveys Etc and I have to tell you, I couldn't be happier with my choice.

The site not only gives me access to as many surveys as I can fill out, but also gives me information on where to find focus groups to participate in. With each focus group paying around $50, I'm sure you can see how easy it is to rack up a massive paycheck. Also, I'm not the only one who has had amazing success with Paid Surveys Etc. If you go to their website, you will find testimonial after testimonial from people just like me who have made a killing online, all thanks to PaidSurveysEtc.

[paid surveys 2008/02/24 07:55 ]

Michael Bowler

I have always been very intrigued with paid surveys. I've always wanted to know whether or not they could bring you the kind of wealth they promise on their websites. However, all of the scams that are out there these days have made me a bit gun shy jumping in with companies such as paid surveys etc. I've always wanted a job where I could just sit at home and be paid for my opinion. It just seemed like every time I was ready to take a shot I would come across another review about how all paid survey opportunities were scams. I was warned that all of these so called paid survey sites offered you hardly anything in return  for your sign up fee. Leaving with your money and not making you a dime.

I put it off as long as I could but with gas prices rising and jobs at an all time low I had to give it a shot. I was very nervous about various scams that I had seen on the internet and on tv. I had no idea what to expect as I was just jumping right in. I did my homework with about 2 weeks worth of research. I wanted to find the right website that would give me the largest database of paid surveys. The reason for this is because the more surveys you take the better your return. In the end I decided on paid surveys etc. They had quite a bit of credibility with people that have purchased a membership through their website. Paid surveys etc. was also the most popular researched paid survey site on the internet. I figured if everyone else was signing up with them then I shouldn't really stand out in the crowd.

Paid surveys etc. gave me access to a huge database of companies to sign up with. Each companies sign up took about 3 minutes. They also gave me a database of companies that allowed me to sign up for online focus groups which usually pay somewhere around $50 for each session. I'm sure you can see the potential of a very nice paycheck. If you need proof that there is success with paid surveys etc you can go to their website which offers various testimonials from satisfied customers.

You will probably not get rich taking paid surveys with paid surveys etc. However, it is a very nice side income. Just remember that the more surveys you fill out, the more the potential reward.

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